Top 10 Best Products for Painting Contractors

Top 10 Best Products for Painting Contractors

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Top 10 Best Products for Painting Contractors

Of all the trades, painters use tools and materials that seem to stand the test of time. Paint brushes have existed forever, and paint has too. But, that’s not to say there aren’t ...

Of all the trades, painters use tools and materials that seem to stand the test of time. Paint brushes have existed forever, and paint has too. But, that’s not to say there aren’t advances in these tried and true technologies. And, there are also a good number of new products coming out every year. Here’s our current list of the top 10 best products for painting contractors.

It’s All in the Brush

As a pro painter, you pay a premium for the best brushes, and reusing them is the only way to go. However, you often run into a couple of problems with cardboard and plastic covers. Cardboard falls apart from moisture, and plastic traps moisture in. Now, for 2-inch, 2.5-inch, and 3-inch angled brushes you can avoid those problems with the Brushaper. It wicks away moisture, keeps the brush’s shape, and protects the bristles.

Rolled Into One

This new dual roll-off bucket from Purdy has gotten strong reviews from buyers. If you currently use a standard 5-gallon bucket with a separate roll-off grate, you might enjoy the convenience of having everything rolled into one. Having the option to roll-off on either side makes positioning less important, and your cleanup is simpler.

Quick Fix Drywall Holes

Those pesky holes left in drywall by doorknobs, burn up quite a bit of time in not only doing the repairs but also waiting for the repair to cure. But, makers of a product called The Drywall Plug claim to simplify the repair, and make the wall as structurally sound as before the damage. It comes in two sizes, one for small holes like those caused by doorknobs, and another one for any hole up to the size of a soccer ball.

Simplifying Caulk

There are many conditions that come attached to caulks and sealants, and you can spend a lot of time reading labels to determine which one is right for the job. Many times, painting contractors just need to caulk or seal a small area, or blemish, and need a product that covers a wide range of applications. That’s when Sashco’s Lexel might do the trick. Sashco calls it the “duct tape of all caulks” because it is paintable, and it seals and sticks to nearly any surface. It works on wet or dry surfaces, interior or exterior, and even in places where movement is a problem.

Caulking Easier

Allway’s 3-In-1 Caulk Tool promises to make removing and installing caulk more predictable. You rotate a silicone triangle to get three different sizes of bead smoother, especially useful for those of you who have trouble applying caulk directly from the tube. It also includes a stainless steel caulk removal blade, and a cushioned grip.

The Power of Illumination

Typical work lights come with glare and shadows, two things that make painting difficult. Now, a company called Powermoon has taken balloon lights to the professional level. These light-diffusing balloon lights reduce shadows, eliminate blind spots, and deliver a smooth light all around. The lights are also very durable and made of Kevlar, LED, and steel.

When Spraying is the Answer

When you have enough business, and you need a spray rig that can push a wide variety of materials through a wide variety of nozzles, then the Graco GH 130 could be your answer. Add in the ability to quickly swap the gasoline powered motor for an electric one, and you’ve got a ton of painting flexibility.

Simplify Safety

The only way to paint is to paint safely, and Western Safety simplifies that. The company offers painting safety kits based on the type of material you’re working with. You can call them to get the correct respirators, filters, and other safety supplies included in your kit. Boots, gloves, Tyvek suits, goggles, and breathing protection come in the basic kit.

Getting Higher, Safely

With everyone going for high ceilings these days, and crown moldings to boot, traditional step ladders don’t provide the freedom of movement you’d like. Werner now offers a series of podium ladders that give you a full range of motion at heights, something that’s not been safely possible using standard step ladders. You can get them with the platforms set at the height where you most often have the greatest need.

Picture It

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, or more. If you’ve added profitable faux finish offerings to your line, then you know it’s sometimes difficult to explain what the final product will look like, especially within the lighting of the space it’s planned for. One idea is to make a sample to present to the customer. Making the sample also gives you a chance to practice with your technique. Mighty Boards make a good presentation medium. They’re 18×24 inches, accept most coatings, are tougher than foam core or poster board, and they feature a bright white matte surface.

Do you use a product you can’t do without? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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