Top 10 Best Products for Concrete Contractors

Top 10 Best Products for Concrete Contractors

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Top 10 Best Products for Concrete Contractors

Concrete products are always evolving, so this list is a snapshot-in-time of what we think are the top 10 best products for concrete contractors. No matter what type of concrete wo ...

Concrete products are always evolving, so this list is a snapshot-in-time of what we think are the top 10 best products for concrete contractors. No matter what type of concrete work you do, there’s something here that can improve project outcomes, help with safety, or save you time and money.

Technical Information

The American Society of Concrete Contractors has pages of technical publications for sale that can help you stay up-to-date on the trade. From checklists for ordering concrete, to training DVDs, to quality control guides, you’re bound to find valuable information that’s well vetted.

Cracked Concrete Anchors that Meet the New Code

In many jurisdictions concrete anchors now have to meet new requirements if conditions exist that might crack the concrete. In the right circumstance, you can use these high-strength screw anchors to do the job more quickly and easily.

Bucket Crushers

These handy recyclers are now available for skid steer loaders so you can easily demo and recycle in small, difficult spaces like those often found in the urban environment. Or, if you’re using a mobile batch plant you can create aggregate right on site when the material is available there.

Improve Concrete Workability and its Environmental Footprint

Pumping, placing and finishing low-viscosity concrete comes with its own set of challenges, but the people who make this product, Master Ease, claim it can make all the difference. It reduces the pressure required to pump, makes it easier to place and finish, and, it means the mix can have a lower CO2 footprint.

Backsaver Hammer Drill Attachment

You do most of your concrete dowel drilling down low, where you have to bend, stoop, and kneel. That’s hard on your back and knees. This ingenious attachment lets you stand up while drilling, and it increases your leverage without requiring more energy.


The makers of this product claim it can cut your cost of installing insulated concrete panels while improving the building’s thermal envelope. You won’t have to buy custom insulation, or cut standard insulation for fitting around openings. A variety of sizes ensure a custom fit on most jobs.


Leaving the concrete as the finished floor is widely popular these days in the commercial construction sector. But, that means the concrete has to really shine and have few blemishes. To get a really professional finish, you can hire approved applicators to grind and polish the concrete using this product as part of the process.

Eliminate the Dust

You’re always dealing with dust control, and many concrete contractors use water during concrete grinding and sawing. But that leaves a mess to clean up. Another option is using specially designed saws and grinders that hook to powerful vacuums.

Add Some Vibration

When you’re dealing with low slump you’re hoping for less shrink and more strength, but that comes at the cost of workability. So, you add surface water but then you’re compromising the mix. The makers of Rattle Stick suggest you use vibration by adding this product to the handles of floats, jointers, edgers and screeds.

Mini-Skid Steer Loader

The next time you’re doing interior demo and concrete repairs, cut labor costs with a mini-skid steer loader. This electric one has attachments like a hydraulic hammer, grapple bucket, hydraulic dumping hopper, and a rolling sweeper. It runs 8-9 hours on a single charge, and at a little over 30-inches wide, it easily travels through standard doorways and on elevators.

Do you use a product you can’t do without? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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