Top Websites for Drywall Contractors

Top Websites for Drywall Contractors

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Top Websites for Drywall Contractors

The Internet has many sources of information for construction in general, but if you’re a specialty contractor, you know it takes some serious searching to find the kin ...

The Internet has many sources of information for construction in general, but if you’re a specialty contractor, you know it takes some serious searching to find the kind of niche information you need.

So, we searched the web for you to come up with our list of the top 10 best websites for drywall contractors.

These sites aren’t in any particular order, but they have at least two things in common. They are updated regularly, and they have information of particular interest to drywall contractors.

contractor-talk Drywall forum on Contractor Talk

This is a busy forum with lots of threads directly related to the drywall trade. There is a good mix of posters so it’s not overloaded with DIY looking for how-to information. Some recent popular threads included methods for getting square inside corners, pros and cons of lightweight rock, discussion on 20-minute mud, and putting a curve in drywall.
drywall-talk Drywall Talk

This is a sister site to Contractor Talk and is geared to the professional drywall contractor. As such, you’ll find a lot of information beyond just what’s in the forums. It includes product reviews, blogs, a place to track and share projects, and business discussions. The two forums are Drywall Finishing, and Drywall Tools, Supplies and Equipment. Recent threads questioned three coats, the difference in tapers between the U.S. and Europe, and a discussion about nailspotters.
wall-and-ceilings Walls & Ceilings Online

From its blogs and magazine, to its products showcase, this site is a comprehensive source of information for drywall contractors. Its magazine features interesting projects, while the rest of the site offers tips on managing your business.
building-design+construction Interior Finishes at Building Design & Construction

Here, you can get news and information about trends, tools, and the construction economy. You’ll also find many case studies that illustrate how contractors have pushed the limits on finishes in buildings across the globe.
builder-online Builder Online

This site has a comprehensive offering of construction news along with a library, learning resources, blogs, and newsletters. It offers much for keeping up on the construction industry in general.
associated-builders-and-contractors Associated Builders and Contractors Inc.

This association of commercial contractors claims 21,000 members and represents all specialties in the U.S. construction industry. The website’s News and Media page provides economic and general construction news. You can also attend free webinars on topics about AIA documents, safety, risk management, indoor air quality, and more. There are sections on construction careers, education, and workforce development. Joining the association opens up access to much more.
awci-logo The Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries Australia and New Zealand

This site caters to its members, but the “On the Surface” magazine is accessible to the general public and has news and views on a wide range of topics of interest to drywall contractors. The parent site is the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry where you can read its “Construction Dimensions” magazine, monthly.
nahb_header_logo National Association of Homebuilders

Keeping the pulse of the residential building sector, this website offers, news, analysis, and data to help you understand trends and factors affecting homebuilding.
gypsum-association Gypsum Association

This nonprofit trade association represents U.S. gypsum manufacturers and has a lot to offer drywall contractors. Although you have to buy the technical manuals and publications, there are other publications, a newsletter, and articles available for free. The association recently offered guidance on abuse-resistant and impact-resistant panel products. You can also take free courses like the one on common finishing terms, basic materials used in finishing, maintaining the right finishing environment, and understanding the differences among the various finishing levels.
bpd-business-consultant Drywall Contractor Business

A good starting point for gathering information and getting guidelines on writing or updating your business plan. Also includes segments on getting financing, market analysis, web strategy, managing your business, saving money, places to get grants in the European Union, and much more. This site also includes many “jumping off” links with more detail on the topics. Here’s a version of this website for the North American market.

Bonus sites!

Two other bonus sites in this list are the Drywall Finishing Contractors, and Interior Finish Contractors Association.

Are you in the drywall trade? Leave a comment and share some of your favorite sites!

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